4 Surprising Facts About Ritalin Addiction

4 surprising facts about Ritalin addiction

Ritalin is a prescription pill that is commonly prescribed to individuals (primarily young kids and teens) to help aid in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When used properly, Ritalin can be instrumental in helping these individuals with their disorder focus, which in turn can allow them to have more success in school, work, and home life. Despite its many benefits, Ritalin can become highly addictive, and people from all walks of life throughout the country are abusing it for unintended purposes. Typically, these individuals abuse it to help improve their productivity and to benefit from its stimulant effects.

Once Ritalin abuse turns into a full-blown addiction, a number of things can happen. A user could lose his or her job, drop out of school, have problems with friends and family and develop risky behaviors. However, there are some surprising facts about Ritalin addiction that are not as publicized as the most common symptoms. These can include the following:

  1. Death is possible. Many people are under the misconception that the drug is difficult to overdose on since it is an FDA approved medication. Ritalin works by stimulating the central nervous system, and when abused to extremes, issues such as heart attacks and seizures can occur, which can result in death.
  2. Ritalin can cause psychosis. Psychosis is very possible when an individual is addicted to Ritalin. This disorder is characterized by impaired thinking and emotional response. When a Ritalin addict experiences psychosis, he or she can develop a significant loss of touch with reality.
  3. You can’t stop Ritalin “cold turkey.” Since Ritalin forms a physical and psychological dependency in addicts, abruptly stopping use can lead to significant health problems that require medical attention.
  4. Ritalin can impact growth. When younger children and teenagers become addicted to Ritalin, they run the risk of experiencing problems with growth. Addictive use of Ritalin can impact weight and height dramatically.

In today’s world, it is important that you are aware of the many ways in which this popular drug can be dangerous, even if you are not a parent or responsible for a younger individual. Like most substances, Ritalin addiction often poses more problems that what meets the eye; therefore, developing a significant knowledge about this drug can help you dramatically decrease the likelihood of you or your child developing an addiction.

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