Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Ritalin

Marijuana is one of the most commonly abuse drugs. Although some states have legalized marijuana use for medical reasons, unregulated use can lead to psychological addiction. On the other hand, because so many teens and young adults take Ritalin to control ADD symptoms, many use the two drugs in combination. Using these drugs at the same time can lead to dangerous side effects. Both drugs work in the brain, and combining the two can cause impaired judgment and other dangerous behaviors.

How Marijuana Affects the Brain

Marijuana works in the areas of the brain that control pleasure, memory, concentration, thinking, sensory and time perception and movement. It enters the blood stream quickly if the user smokes it, so the side effects take hold almost instantly. People who use marijuana have difficulty concentrating, making decisions and learning. They also suffer memory problems and have a lack of coordination. These symptoms can last for up to four days, so people who use marijuana frequently function at substandard levels. Because Ritalin treats ADHD, combining it with marijuana can make it difficult to know when someone has had enough of either drug. This greatly increases the risk of overdose on either drug.

How Marijuana Affects Ritalin Addiction

People who use Ritalin to treat ADHD can become addicted to the drug. This is also true of those who use Ritalin without a prescription, as the drug works on chemicals in the brain that deal with impulse control and hyperactivity. People who have a history of high blood pressure, glaucoma, overactive thyroids and anxiety should not take Ritalin, lest they put themselves in danger. Adding marijuana to Ritalin addiction can increase side effects and put people with health conditions at risk for serious complications.

Help for Ritalin Addiction and Marijuana Abuse

People who are addicted to Ritalin and also use marijuana put themselves at serious risk of painful side effects and overdose. This happens because these drugs damage one’s ability to make decisions and know when to stop using. These drugs can cause dangerous problems on their own, much less in combination, so do not underestimate this mixture any longer.

If you or a loved one struggle with Ritalin and/or marijuana abuse, we are here to help. Our helpline counselors are here to listen and answer your questions about drug detox. We can help you find the right treatment program for your unique situation. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now for specialized therapy.