Dangers of Counterfeit and Street Versions of Ritalin

Dangers of Counterfeit and Street Versions of Ritalin

Being affected by an addiction to or an abuse problem with Ritalin can mean doing anything that you can in order to get more Ritalin. This may cause users to look to the streets or the Internet for more Ritalin. However buying Ritalin from anywhere other than a pharmacy is dangerous, as counterfeit and street versions of Ritalin may be extremely damaging to your health or even fatal.

What Is Counterfeit Ritalin?

Counterfeit Ritalin is Ritalin from a non-regulated source. When you get Ritalin, you may not get what you think you’re getting. You may receive Ritalin that is combined with other drugs, or the drug may have the wrong amount of the active ingredient. You can’t be sure of what you’re getting when you buy Ritalin off the streets, from dealers or from the Internet.

Counterfeit and Street Versions of Ritalin

When you take a counterfeit or street version of Ritalin, you don’t know what will happen. If you believe that you have taken counterfeit Ritalin, you need to contact a medical professional or poison control helpline immediately. Using counterfeit Ritalin can lead to unconsciousness, permanent physical harm or death. When you take street versions of Ritalin, the following can happen:

  • You may black out
  • You may become dangerous to others
  • You may find that you can’t remember what happened while under the influence of the drug
  • You may drive while under the influence or partake in other risky behaviors that put others and yourself in danger

Some counterfeit Ritalin use can be fatal. You may be getting a mixture of bad drugs or toxic fillers, or you may receive high concentrations of Ritalin or another drug that lead to overdose. Counterfeit Ritalin use is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Need More Information on Counterfeit Ritalin?

If you have questions about counterfeit Ritalin, how to avoid the dangers of street versions of drugs or how to end drug use, call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find the right treatment options for you and to help you find options that are covered by insurance. Call now and end the dangers of Ritalin use today.