Dangers of Mixing Ritalin with Alcohol and Other Drugs

Ritalin, the brand name of the drug Methylphenidate, is a stimulant drug often prescribed to those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. It works by increasing the activity of dopamine and noradrenaline in areas of the brain that play a part in controlling attention and behavior, areas that seem to be under-active in children with ADHD. While Ritalin can be helpful for those who truly need it, it can have serious negative effects on those who take it recreationally or without medical need, especially when it is combined with alcohol and/or other drugs.

The Effects of Ritalin Combined with Other Drugs

Every drug has different effects, and those effects can vary between individuals. Even if a person thinks he or she knows the effects of a drug, it is hard to predict what effects drugs in combination will produce. Ritalin can produce adverse reactions with many different drugs, and no list of these interactions is exhaustive. These reactions may also be affected by how much is taken and the mood and physical condition of the person taking the drug. One example of a hazardous combination is Ritalin mixed with over-the-counter decongestants, which can result in dangerously high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms.

The Effects of Ritalin Combined with Alcohol

Ritalin combined with alcohol can also have serious negative consequences. Because alcohol and Ritalin have opposite effects—alcohol is a sedative and Ritalin is a stimulant—combining them can significantly confuse the brain. Oftentimes Ritalin is taken to alter one’s response to alcohol. Someone who wants to drink heavily might use Ritalin to stay awake and avoid passing out. Ritalin suppresses alcohol’s effects, so users often don’t realize how much alcohol he or she has consumed and won’t feel the effects until the dose of Ritalin wears off. This can lead to alcohol poisoning and possibly even a stroke or death.

Ritalin abuse is a serious problem and can have lasting negative consequences. The impact of Ritalin abuse is heightened when combined with other drugs or alcohol. If someone is abusing Ritalin or suspects that an addiction may be present in a friend or loved one professional help should be sought immediately. Recovering from Ritalin addiction can be a long and difficult process, however with the right help and support it is possible.

Do You Need Ritalin Abuse or Addiction Help?

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