Does the Media Affect Ritalin Use?

Does the Media Affect Ritalin Use?

Ritalin stimulates the central nervous system to facilitate impulse control and control hyperactivity. Ritalin is prescribed to treat ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but is designed to be part of a total treatment program that involves behavioral therapy. In rarer cases Ritalin has been used to treat narcolepsy. Ritalin should not be shared or stored in insecure locations because it can be habit forming.

Ritalin use and abuse is increasing. Prescription users sometimes believe that the amount they are prescribed is not enough to affect them as much as they would like. Although they should adhere to a doctor-directed regimen, they sometimes seek additional prescriptions or illegally purchase Ritalin online or from a street vendor. Powerful social and educational pressures have only encouraged such abuses of the drug.

Does the Media Encourage Students to Abuse Ritalin?

Ritalin can increase focus and alertness, which makes it a tempting drug for students. Students of all ages may believe that Ritalin can help them perform better in the classroom, so many seek it illegally or by deceiving their physicians. Ritalin has become a prevalent crutch for all-nighters, cram sessions and taking tests. With intense pressure to succeed in school and earn scholarships, students may think that Ritalin is an easy way to focus. However, as tolerance builds students will require more and more Ritalin for bursts of focus and energy. Using Ritalin as a substitute for discipline and/or sleep can lead to a destructive and dangerous habit with serious health risks.

Do People Abuse Ritalin to Improve Body Image?

Other people abuse Ritalin to lose weight, because it boosts energy while simultaneously suppressing appetite. Gaining energy without eating allows users to function without a healthy amount of natural sustenance. Media portrayals of beauty as being thin in addition to youth’s obsession with body image make Ritalin seem like an easy way for individuals to become attractive. Weight loss pills are heavily advertised, and finding the easiest and most convenient solution to a problem has become a staple of western culture. Ritalin is so prevalent that resale is common and inexpensive when compared to many other weight loss pills.

Ritalin Addiction Treatment Programs

If you or someone that you care about is dealing with a Ritalin addiction, then please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. The counselors answering the phones are ready to answer your initial questions about treatment, assist you with health insurance matters, and even arrange transportation to a facility of your choosing. The more Ritalin that you abuse and the longer that you allow the addiction to grow, the greater the potential for permanent side effects and consequences. Please call now before Ritalin addiction ruins your life.