Harms of Recreational Ritalin Use

Ritalin is most commonly prescribed for those with severe attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In rarer instances the drug is used treat narcolepsy and depression. With an increase in Ritalin prescriptions, there has also been a spike in illegal use of the drug.

Misconceptions Regarding Ritalin Use

There are unfortunate misconceptions regarding recreational drug use that can endanger Ritalin users. For instance, many believe that Ritalin is safe to abuse because it is a prescription drug; however, this is a fallacy. Many users also find comfort in the fact that Ritalin is used by children or friends. They reason that a drug must be safe if prescribed to children, therefore they take it without a doctor’s orders. Another contributing factor to Ritalin abuse is its accessibility. The way Ritalin stimulates the nervous system is similar to how cocaine does (though much more mildly). The combination of a cocaine-type high, and the availability of Ritalin at extremely low costs, creates a drug that tempts users to abuse it.

Consequences of Inappropriate Ritalin Use

Injecting Ritalin into the blood stream may enhance the high, but it also increases the chances of serious consequences. Injections deliver chemicals to the body without them having to survive the bodies’ natural defenses. This means that, in addition to the drugs entering the blood directly, so too are any type of bacteria, pollens, yeasts, viruses, and other possible contaminants introduced without a filtration process. Also, portions of the drug itself, though safe when consumed orally, may be dangerous if injected or snorted.

The nasal passages and airways of the body are delicate. Snorting drugs can damage these passages through direct contact. Furthermore, Ritalin pills contain substances which can be processed safely by the stomach, (which they are when Ritalin is used in its intended form), but are dangerous if presented to the body by other means. The symptoms of such activity are nose bleeds, open sores, and possibly even destruction of cartilage.

Ritalin Abuse Help

The risks and consequences of Ritalin use are significant, and only increase when used inappropriately or without a prescription. Ritalin is cheap and accessible, and indeed prescribed to children, but Ritalin also creates withdrawal symptoms, can create an overdose, and if introduced incorrectly, bodily damage. Observe the realities of Ritalin, interpret the lists of consequences, and act upon your conclusions.

Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline which is operated by trained professionals. They will be able to direct you towards appropriate facilities, answer your initial questions, and explain your insurance options.