Helping Someone Stay Clean from Ritalin

Ritalin is one of the most readily available and addictive substances on the market. Addictions are common, and individuals often complete rehab, only to experience a relapse in the following weeks. If someone you care about has recently completed rehab for Ritalin addiction, implementing of a few strategies can be beneficial in helping her maintain lasting sobriety.

Be Aware of Ritalin Cravings to Help Someone Stay Clean

In the weeks and months following your friend or family member’s rehab, it will be crucial that the two of you establish a consistent way to acknowledge cravings. Because Ritalin is partially comprised of opium, the likelihood that your friend or family member will experience cravings for the substance even after detox is high. These cravings will diminish over time, but only if they are handled in a consistent and timely manner. Because many addictions stem from routine, it may be helpful for you and your loved one to establish a consistent activity that you will do when cravings occur. Depending on the nature and severity of the addiction, this may involve a particular place, conversation or even food. Most importantly, it will involve your presence.

Learn about Your Loved One’s Needs to Help Maintain Ritalin Sobriety

Many addictions to controlled substances are the direct result of an individual’s need for diversion. While your friend or loved one has successfully completed rehab, he most likely still has many of the needs and desires that lead to drug use. In the weeks and months following rehab, it will be crucial that you become a student of his needs. Being involved in his life to the extent that you are able to understand his tendencies can help you preemptively understand when he will be most at risk for relapse.

Quality Therapy and Continued Education  Can Help Someone Stay Clean from Ritalin

For someone who has just undergone rehab, therapy can be a scary word. However, a trusted therapist can be beneficial in the ways that it can provide your friend or family member with the opportunity to learn about some of the underlying causes of her addiction. Additionally, quality therapy can point to environmental factors that need to be changed or eliminated in the weeks and months following rehab.

Resources for Ritalin Rehabilitation and Recovery Help

If you want to help your friend, family member or loved one after she or he has completed rehab, we can help. We are available 24 hours a day, and our helpline is toll free. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us now.