How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using Ritalin?

How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using Ritalin?

Bearing the weight of your loved one’s addiction can damage your life just as the addiction affects his.  However, you can combat this issue by remembering that the addict will stop when he is ready, and not before. Some addicts indeed require convincing, and they may even attend rehab against their will. However, if you constantly push treatment and other options, you are only pushing your boyfriend further from you and possibly deeper into the addiction. Therefore, consider seeking professional treatment to ensure that you promote recovery and not more Ritalin abuse.

Why People Abuse Ritalin

Ritalin has been proven a significant boon to many people, especially because it addresses the following issues:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

People use Ritalin for plethora of reasons, but to treat adult deficit hyperactivity disorder is quite common, because it helps people relax. Furthermore, this drug helps people concentrate better on any given task, and it helps them avoid distraction. The growing trend in Ritalin abuse is college adults who take Ritalin to improve their concentration during studying or testing. This can be extremely dangerous, because heavy use and then quitting completely can confuse the body. Lastly, many people abuse Ritalin to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, because it creates energy whereas the patient may only feel lethargy.

How to Help a Boyfriend Struggling with Ritalin Addiction

Never judge an addict, because an addiction can happen to anyone. Instead, consider the following ways to begin discussing Ritalin abuse with your boyfriend:

  • Give options
  • Set boundaries
  • Emphasize your love and gratitude

Starting a discussion with your boyfriend about his Ritalin addiction can be an emotional rollercoaster.  To combat this, come up with treatment plans that fit his lifestyle. For example, if the addict is not interested in athletic sports, do not suggest recreational treatment options. Secondly, set boundaries on what behavior is unacceptable in your relationship. This can help him understand your limitations and how often he pushes them. Lastly, make sure your boyfriend understands how much you love and care for him, regardless of his struggle.

Ritalin Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one struggles with Ritalin addiction, don’t hesitate to call our toll-free helpline. Our addiction counselors can help struggling addicts find treatment while they answer your addiction questions. Your life is worth the call, so reach out for professional help today.