How Has Ritalin Addiction Touched Your Life?

Ritalin is a prescription drug formulated to calm and focus individuals diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Though a great number of people have been able to take Ritalin without developing an addiction, those who abuse it often find they are dependent on the drug. Ritalin has a calming effect on ADHD patients but does the opposite for others. It acts as a stimulant and gives users more energy to get things done. Whether an individual starts a Ritalin habit by abusing his own or someone else’s prescription or by buying it from an illicit source, the consequences of such an addiction affect more people than many would believe.

Who Does a Ritalin Addiction Affects?

Ritalin addiction can harm the lives of many users including those close to the addict and people he or she has never met. The following are a few examples of the potential effects of Ritalin:

  • Children of a Ritalin addict may suffer neglect or the effects of an unpredictable home life
  • Relatives and friends of an addict will notice changes in mood and behavior
  • Coworkers often have to cover for a Ritalin addict who cannot do his work properly as a result of drug use
  • Friends, relatives and coworkers may all be concerned about the company the Ritalin addict keeps and about his increasing appeals for money or for them to cover his responsibilities for him

As more and more doctors are prescribing Ritalin to more and more children, a new prescription is easy to get. Pharmaceutical companies are increasing their output of Ritalin to meet medical demand, and the street supply is likely to increase as well. Even individuals who consider themselves moral people find that they are not above stealing or buying a drug illegally, once they are addicted to it. As Ritalin is a prescription drug, it is considered a safe medication in many otherwise anti-drug homes, and addiction to it can become advanced before anyone realizes what is happening.

Hope for Ritalin Addiction Recovery

There is hope for both those addicted to Ritalin and those affected by another’s addiction. If you are in either of these categories, please call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day, and we want to help you and your loved ones break free from Ritalin’s grasp. Please call us, and learn more about your options.