How Misconceptions about Ritalin Users Are Harmful

Many people have a false impression of what addiction looks like, and it usually doesn’t include Ritalin. Illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine are what first come to mind when a person thinks about addiction, but the truth is that people can become addicted to Ritalin or other prescription drugs, and misconceptions may cause them to feel ashamed or to take their addiction less seriously.

Stereotypes of Ritalin Users

The following are some stereotypes and misconceptions associated with Ritalin and addiction:

  • Only long-term use causes addiction. Users can become tolerant to the effects of Ritalin quickly, and tolerance indicate the presence of changes in the brain which makes it harder to stop using and can lead to addiction.
  • Addiction is a personal flaw. It is a long-held belief that addiction only happens to people as a result of moral failing or lack of willpower. Recent research shows that addiction causes permanent chemical changes in the brain’s reward structure making it extremely hard to stop using without help.
  • Users can stop at any time. People that have no experience with addiction think an addict should be able to just stop using whenever they want. This misconception about addiction makes people that are abusing drugs less likely to admit that they have a problem.

Ritalin May Seem Safer Than Illegal Drugs

Many people take Ritalin to push themselves harder at school or work. It seems safe, because it is a prescription drug. Even if users realize they have a problem, they may not realize the health risks and may be uncomfortable with the idea of looking for help due to the stigma of addiction. Ritalin is similar to cocaine or methamphetamine. The main difference is that Ritalin is prescribed in small doses. When a person is addicted, he or she will begin to take larger doses of Ritalin and may even seek out other methods of taking it such as snorting it or using it intravenously. Some people addicted to Ritalin move on to cocaine or other stimulant use. Anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol may be hesitant to admit to a problem because of common misconceptions and stereotypes, but getting help is necessary for a healthy and happy life.

Get Help for Ritalin Addiction

Abusing Ritalin can cause long-term damage to a persons’ health and carries the risk of stroke or heart attack. Get help for addiction today to enjoy a healthier life free from the stress of addiction. Call our toll-free 24 hour helpline now.