How Ritalin Addiction Affects Communities

How Ritalin Addiction Affects Communities

Ritalin addiction can devastate people individually, but the damage of drugs isn’t limited to user. It affects families, workplaces and entire communities.

The Impact of Addiction on Society

While many of the effects of Ritalin addiction cannot be measured monetarily, such as strains to families and other relationships, some organizations have attempted to quantify the impact of addiction on society. Societal effects of addiction include the following issues:

  • Health care costs – Drug addiction is a significant contributor to the nation’s health care costs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that 14% of all people admitted to suffering from a substance abuse disorder. They note that 20% of Medicaid hospital costs and nearly a quarter of inpatient Medicare costs are related to alcohol or drug abuse. In 2004, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) released a report on the economic costs of drug abuse in the United States, in which they note that drug abuse is among the most costly health problems in the country.
  • Lost productivity – The ONDCP notes that the largest proportion of societal costs related to drug abuse involve lost productivity. They define this as work, both in the labor market and home, which could reasonably be expected to be performed if not for the impact of drug abuse. Various factors contribute to this estimate, including the number of people incarcerated and the number who lost their lives because of drug use. The report notes that in the year 2000 an estimated 23,500 people died from drug abuse. The report estimated the yearly cost of loss of productivity to be $128.6 billion.
  • Crime – Drug abuse is a large contributor to crime. NIDA notes that 70% of people in jail and prison have regularly used illegal drugs. The ONDCP report states that over 11% of US arrests are for drug offenses, and that many income-generating crimes are related to the need to fund a drug habit. Over half of those arrested for burglaries and robberies are illicit drug users, and at least a quarter of those arrests are thought to be directly related to drug abuse. The behavioral and emotional effects of drug use can also contribute to violence and other types of criminal behavior.

Drug abuse is quite costly to communities, so seek help today for any struggle with Ritalin addiction.

Ritalin Addiction Help

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