How Ritalin Addiction Is Represented in the Media

How Ritalin Addiction Is Represented in the Media

Ritalin is drug that many doctors prescribe to treat the symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It works by stimulating a chemical in the brain called dopamine, which increases attention and focus; it is also prescribed for narcolepsy, a condition that causes excessive sleepiness and daytime sleep attacks. For those with ADHD and/or narcolepsy, Ritalin helps them function daily. However, this drug is also addictive, which means people should only use it when prescribed to do so by a doctor.

The media may contribute to Ritalin abuse and addiction with its inaccurate depictions of addicts, the drug and the consequences of use. If you have learned about Ritalin through any media outlet, then seek professional help to learn about the drug and how to break an addiction to it.

Ritalin Use among Children

Ritalin is represented in the media in a variety of ways, but some of the positive depictions may encourage people to abuse the drug. For instance, some media outlets report extensive Ritalin use among children. The American Psychological Association reported that more than two million prescriptions of Ritalin are dispensed for US children each year. The amount that this drug is prescribed may lead people to assume that it is safer than illicit drugs, but Ritalin is addictive and can lead to harmful side effects when abused.

Ritalin Abuse among Students

Recently the media has studied the rising usage of Ritalin among students, especially in college. For example, an article on NPR’s website revealed that as much as 25 percent of college students misuse the drug because it increases alertness and fights off sluggishness. This makes it the ideal drug for students who need to study for exams or write a paper overnight. Unfortunately, the increase in media attention may create new illicit users of the drug if they avoid reporting the risks of such drug abuse.

Ritalin Abuse For Weight Loss

Some media sources highlight Ritalin abuse as a way to lose weight. The media may discuss how the drug increases energy while also suppressing appetite, as it does in a People Magazine article about the TV show Desperate Housewives: the articles discusses a mother who took her child’s Ritalin to lose weight. However, the media often avoids the problems of Ritalin abuse, so people are left thinking the drug is a great weight-loss option rather than a powerful addictive drug.

Ritalin Addiction Help

If you or a loved one is addicted to Ritalin, we can help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now to talk with one of our admissions counselors about the best treatment options for your unique needs. Don’t allow a Ritalin addiction to destroy your life; call us today to begin the path of recovery.