Is It Possible to Be a Functional Ritalin User?

Ritalin can be an effective medication when used as prescribed by someone who genuinely needs it. However this drug is also appealing to someone who is looking for increased focus or energy levels. When Ritalin is used for non-medical reasons, it is highly addictive. Users who believe their use of Ritalin is under control are rarely able to quit taking the drug. A Ritalin problem is a serious issue that will likely need professional help.

Ritalin’s Effects Are Too Good to Be True

For many users the seemingly positive effects of Ritalin are a dream come true. Ritalin offers the following perceived benefits:

  • The ability to focus for long amounts of time
  • The ability to stay awake without getting tired
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Weight loss

These effects cannot be sustained without negative side effects. Your body simply cannot handle the demand the drug places on it. Ritalin is addictive, causes physical complications and can lead to unwanted feelings such as anxiety, paranoia, restlessness and depression. The overuse of Ritalin causes elevated heart rate and blood pressure resulting in an overstressed cardiovascular system. This can lead to a sudden heart attack or seizures.

Ritalin Abuse Is a Serious Problem

While you may feel that your use of Ritalin is not a serious issue, it will become one. Ritalin addiction has a huge and negative impact on your life and the lives of those around you. What may begin as a few pills to help you get more work done can escalate into an obsession. When you become addicted to Ritalin, it affects your thought patterns and can cause you to behave in uncharacteristic ways. When your mind is altered by Ritalin, it will be difficult to function fully at work or school or relate normally to your family and friends. It is simply not possible to reach your full potential, when you have a drug problem. Addiction is a complex issue that can have wide-reaching consequences, so it is crucial that you seek help immediately if you are misusing Ritalin. Even if you think your abuse of Ritalin is minor, get help before it becomes a large problem.

Do You Need Ritalin Help

Do you suspect you or someone you know might have a problem with Ritalin? Please call and let one of our recovery counselors get you the solutions you need. We are here 24 hours a day and the call is free, so call our helpline now.