Is Ritalin Abuse Related to Gambling Addiction?

Is Ritalin Abuse Related to Gambling Addiction?

Frequently, those who suffer from substance abuse problems end up with a separate, co-existing disorder or addiction. When this happens, it is called a Dual Diagnosis. The co-existence of substance abuse with another mental health condition tends to be more difficult to cope with and to recover from than either condition alone. Often, the two conditions contribute to one another and turn into a devastating cycle of mental illness and addiction. This may occur in those who suffer from both Ritalin abuse and gambling addiction. There is a particularly strong connection between these two mental health disorders, mostly due to the naturally addictive personalities found in those with this Dual Diagnosis.

Addictive Personalities

Using a drug or playing the lottery does not automatically cause addiction in those that participate. In fact, many people experiment with drugs and gambling without ever developing a problem. Most of those who develop addictions are those with naturally addictive personalities.

Those with naturally addictive personalities can often recognize instances from the past during which they displayed addictive qualities. For example, they may remember comfort eating throughout the day and night when dealing with a heartbreak or stressful situation. Some may look back to their adolescence to realize that they spent excessive and unhealthy amounts of time playing video games or browsing the internet.

Unfortunately, those with addictive personalities are prone to abusing drugs, such as Ritalin. The abuse of this drug can quickly lead to Ritalin addiction, which can be more difficult for those with addictive personalities to overcome. These individuals are also more prone to developing gambling addictions. Gambling can be incredibly addictive, as successes in gambling produce a quick payoff. Such results can actually cause changes in the brain’s chemicals, similar to the effects of drugs or alcohol. Because of the addictive nature of both Ritalin and gambling, these two addictions are often found alongside one another.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Because Dual Diagnoses are so complex, they typically require specialized treatment. There are several types of treatment for Dual Diagnoses, each with its own positives and negatives. Two traditionally used methods are sequential and parallel treatment. In sequential treatment, one disorder is treated before another. This can cause problems, though, as it fails to recognize the deep connection between the two disorders. Parallel treatment, on the other hand, treats both disorders at the same time with two separate healthcare teams. Care may be uncoordinated between the two teams, leading to troublesome inconsistencies.

A newer form of Dual Diagnosis treatment has been found to be largely successful by merging the benefits of sequential and parallel treatment. Integrated treatment involves care for both disorders at the same time, by the same healthcare team. This ensures consistency and continuity of care, while recognizing that there is a connection between the two disorders that must be explored. Those with a Ritalin abuse problem will work to overcome it while also acknowledging and working through their gambling addiction.

Get Help for Ritalin and Gambling Addiction

For those suffering from Ritalin addiction, treatment and recovery can be difficult. It can be even more difficult when a separate gambling addiction is involved. With appropriate treatment, recovering from these addictions is within your reach. Therefore, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about Ritalin and gambling addiction treatment.