Ritalin Addiction in the Workplace

Ritalin abuse workplace

Ritalin is becoming one of the most easily attainable and highly abused prescription substances. Normally prescribed for the treatment of mild to severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the number of new patients being prescribed Ritalin has more than tripled in recent years. Many legitimate prescriptions are sold to or stolen by recreational drug users.

Sometimes dubbed “kiddy-cocaine,” prescription Ritalin works by stimulating the central nervous system, and, when taken in chronic doses, produces feelings of euphoria. The drug is popular among college students who feel that it increases their focus and wakefulness. Furthermore, Ritalin is sometimes abused for use as an appetite suppressant.

Ritalin Use in the Workplace

In the workplace, prescription Ritalin has been known to provide increased feelings of wakefulness and productivity. However, what begins as an attempt to catch up or move ahead in the world of work can inversely lead to a lack of productivity and usefulness in this environment.

The body develops a tolerance to Ritalin relatively quickly. This simply means that the more a person uses Ritalin, the more frequent and higher doses that person will need to produce the same effect. What begins as an attempt to get ahead can end as an out of control addiction. However, when a full-fledged addiction is present, an employee is at risk for more than just low productivity or termination, as Ritalin side effects can include the following:

  • Leukopenia
  • Liver malfunction
  • Arteritis

In extreme circumstances, such as when combined with alcohol or other controlled substances, Ritalin use can lead to death. Ignoring the problem will not cure Ritalin addiction, but rehabilitation involving detox, therapy and education can provide long-term recovery.

Need Help Finding Resources for Ritalin Addiction?

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