Ritalin Integrated Treatment

Ritalin integrated treatment

Ritalin, a brand name formulation of methylphenidate, is a medicine derived from amphetamines. Ritalin is available by prescription in pill form and comes in 5, 10, or 20-milligram doses. When prescribed and used properly, Ritalin helps to increase focus and concentration and is used to treat those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Since Ritalin is a derivative of amphetamines, it can be habit forming, though dependency is less likely in those diagnosed with ADHD. Teenagers and young adults are at especially high risk of Ritalin addiction. Many students choose to abuse Ritalin in order to stay awake and increase focus while studying. Others use Ritalin to lose weight, as it suppresses appetite. Ritalin increases the level of dopamine in the brain, producing a euphoric “high” with a cocaine-like effect.

Integrated Treatment For Ritalin Addiction

The first step to overcoming Ritalin addiction is detox. Detox cleanses the body of Ritalin and breaks physical dependency. After detox, the patient can address the non-physical aspects of addiction. Ritalin users may be afflicted by a psychological disorder in addition to the disease of addiction. Some common disorders related to addiction are depression and chronic anxiety, though more serious disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia can contribute to addiction. An integrated treatment method focuses on the proper diagnosis and treatment of any underlying psychological disorder in addition to basic addiction treatment. Ignoring underlying disorders and causes of addiction can lead to relapse.

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