Should You Give Money to a Ritalin Addict Who’s In Trouble?

Should You Give Money to a Ritalin Addict Who’s In Trouble?

The stimulant drug known as Ritalin (methylphenidate) is a medication used primarily in the treatment of ADHD, among other medical conditions. However, this drug has a high abuse potential. The reason for this abuse potential can be explained by how this substance increases the levels of dopamine in the brain, stimulating a person in different ways. For example, college students have been known to misuse this drug to stay awake longer when faced with long projects or exam periods. Ritalin acts as a stimulant in most people and can lead to erratic behavior, poor decisions and drug dependence.

This background information can help us answer an important question: is loaning an addicted person money something that we should be doing? The answer is clearer when we consider how this can have repercussions not only in the health of the individual but also in his chances of recovery.

Helping or Enabling an Addict?

It is important to be able to differentiate between enabling and helping. It is understandable to want to help our loved one when he or she asks for help; however, before giving money or other resources to an addict we need to consider some points:

  • Can I be sure that the money is not being used for more drugs?
  • Would it be better to buy specifically what he needs instead of offering money?
  • Can I help in a different way?
  • How do I know that the need is legitimate?
  • Am I covering for his mistakes?
  • Will this teach him about the consequences of his actions?
  • Will I be helping or encouraging drug abuse?

Although sometimes it is difficult to say no — especially to those that are close to us — denying a loan or resources of some other sort can be the best way to help an addict who might not realize that he has a problem. It is in these occasions when we can be of most help by encouraging recovery with the help of professionals.

Help in the form of Ritalin Intervention

A well planned intervention can be one of the best first steps in encouraging the addict to accept the existence of the problem and perhaps even accept treatment through a Ritalin rehab program. With a relaxed setting and with the help of a professional interventionist, much can be accomplished to repair broken bonds, develop a family plan for recovery, express feelings openly and encourage change with a positive attitude. It can help us to move from enabling an addict to now help in a more focused and effective way.

The intervention usually explains how Ritalin rehab will bring benefits not only for the addict’s life and future, but also to everyone around him who worries about his health and happiness.

Further Help for the Family and Friends of an Addict

Our toll free helpline is available 24 hours a day to receive your phone calls and to answer your questions regarding addiction, intervention services, family counseling, medically-supervised detox programs, Dual Diagnosis rehab centers, transport to and from rehab and many more tools you can use in your fight with addiction. We are happy to assist you in finding better values for treatment or we can simply listen and offer support in your time of need.