Stress or Anxiety Issues and Ritalin Abuse

You are struggling to find a new job, you are studying all night for final exams or you are trying to figure out how to balance your budget. Each of these everyday struggles can cause stress or anxiety, and these emotions need to be managed. They have an impact on you physically, emotionally, psychologically and physiologically and can impact judgment and rational thought. Individuals may choose to use Ritalin to manage stress or stressful situations, but it will not create a long-term solution.

Causes of Stress and Ritalin Abuse

According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America report from 2010 untreated stress can cause headaches, chest pain, fatigue, stomach problems, anxiety, depression or drug and alcohol abuse. There are significant issues in a person’s life that can cause stress, and these include the following:

  • Buying or selling a house
  • Separation from loved one
  • Ending a relationship
  • Marital status change (marriage or divorce)
  • Problems with relatives, friends or neighbors
  • Work-related problems or changes in work status such as unemployment
  • Retirement
  • Financial pressures
  • Legal problems
  • Emotional or physical illness of close family
  • Death of a family member or friend

Any one of these issues can cause stress, and, if a person is experiencing several of these issues, he or she is at risk for the effects of stress such as Ritalin abuse or addiction.

Causes of Anxiety and Ritalin Abuse

Anxiety disorders are associated with environmental factors, medical factors, genetics, brain chemistry and/or substance abuse. Anxiety is most commonly triggered by the stress in our lives. While there are many factors that can cause anxiety disorders, clinical anxiety disorder involves the following:

  • Excessive worry and anxiousness on more days than not for at least six months
  • Difficulty controlling worrying
  • Having at least three of the following six symptoms associated with the anxiety on more days than not in the last six months: restlessness, fatigue, irritability, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping and difficulty concentrating

People who have an untreated anxiety disorder often turn to self-medication to lessen the tension. However Ritalin will only increase the symptoms related to anxiety, and abuse will cause additional problems.

About Ritalin Abuse

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center Ritalin is abused for the stimulant effects it produces including appetite suppression, wakefulness, euphoria and increased focus and attentiveness. People who abuse Ritalin risk psychotic episodes, cardiovascular complications and severe psychological addiction. Ritalin will not solve problems related to stress or anxiety and will only increase the likelihood of these emotions.

Find Drug-Free Solutions to Stress and Anxiety

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