Suburban Ritalin Use

Suburban Ritalin Use

Suburban areas are often highly sought after by families, as these areas promote privacy but accessibility. These areas are usually a point of interest for many looking to live a quiet life without the pressures of big cities. Despite this ideology, many big city problems have crept into less populated areas like the suburbs. These problems include prescription drug abuse, which is currently one of the most deadly epidemics in the country.

Of the many prescription drugs that are abused on a regular basis, Ritalin is one of the most popular, with millions of prescriptions for the drug written each year. According to statistics from 2005, 19 million prescriptions were written for Ritalin in that one year alone. Since then, the numbers have increased, as more and more people of all ages and races are abusing this powerful stimulant.

Who Is Abusing Ritalin in the Suburbs?

Prescription pills do not discriminate. Many people living in the suburbs are experiencing problems with Ritalin addiction. As it no longer just affects inner cities, Ritalin abuse is taking hold over different kinds of people in these areas, including the following:

  • Teens – Teens are at the forefront for suburban Ritalin abuse, as many of them have easy access to the drugs either through a friend or through their own diagnosis. Many teens today are living with ADD/ADHD and are prescribed Ritalin to help ease the symptoms, however they may begin abusing their prescriptions instead. As a result, a Monitoring the Future study found that 2.6% of 12th graders reported abusing Ritalin in 2012 alone.
  • Mothers – Many mothers in suburban areas tend to fit the “soccer mom” profile – a woman who has a career of her own, but is attempting to raise her children, put a meal on the table and do everything in between. The amount of energy required to be successful in all of these areas is intense, and many mothers are finding that they need a “pick me up” in order to get it all done. The use of Ritalin with mothers has become increasingly common, especially those mothers living in the suburbs who are attempting to do it all.
  • Young adults – The young adult crowd is one of the most impressionable and affected groups of individuals when it comes to prescription drug abuse. Many young adults are either hooked from experimentation or are looking to try it out for the first time. These suburban young adults are using Ritalin to either feed a psychological need and/or to cope with the many stressors they face as a result of their age and location.

Teens, mothers, and young adults living in suburban areas are all highly susceptible to using Ritalin as a coping mechanism, or as a result of experimentation, or to feed a dependency issue.

Treatment for Ritalin Abuse

Ritalin abuse is one of the most common forms of substance abuse in the country, making treatment options readily available to many people. Those living in the suburbs are at an advantage when it comes to care, as they are close to big cities that can offer rehab to those who need it. By finding a nearby therapist or rehab center, those abusing Ritalin in the suburbs can get the treatment they need to end their addiction.

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