The Importance of Holding an Intervention for Ritalin Use

The Importance of Holding an Intervention for Ritalin Use

Ritalin is a prescription drug that treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but it can cause serious health consequences when abused. Several medical journals have documented the pharmacological similarities between Ritalin and cocaine, and they both increase the dopamine levels in the brain. Some even crush and snort Ritalin tablets for a more immediate rush despite the heightened risks. Extended use leads to physical tolerance and addiction, which can alter the brain chemistry and limit production of dopamine that is unrelated to Ritalin use. The addiction can be so powerful that loved ones must often intercede.

How Ritalin Addiction Work

It is important to recognize the signs of addiction, which include hyperactivity and insomnia, but it is equally important to understand addiction itself before approaching a loved one. Key points of Ritalin addiction include the following issues:

  • Addiction is a neurobiological disease that chemically changes the brain
  • Genetics play a significant role and can predispose people to addictive behaviors
  • Addicts become skilled at hiding drugs and convincing others they have no problem
  • Enacting a successful recovery is about treatment and therapy, not willpower
  • Ritalin abuse can lead to severe side effects and a potentially lethal overdose

Another vitally important point is that family and friends should be an important part of any addiction recovery. While this equally applies to post-treatment support, it often begins with staging an intervention.

Drug Intervention Tips

Rehab centers can recommend professional interventionists to assist, but general tips for a successful invention include the following options:

  • Learn about Ritalin addiction and its effects
  • Stage the meeting in a non-threatening place when the addict is most likely sober
  • Carefully select which loved ones should be involved
  • Avoid anyone who might create conflict or defend drug use
  • Practice the exact words you will use and avoid condescension
  • Prepare for an angry or emotional reaction and remain calm
  • Be ready with rehab facility information and brochures

Ideally, the intervention should push for immediate admittance into a rehab facility. Otherwise, the addict might reconsider treatment or go on one last dangerous bender.

Ritalin Addiction Rehab

The addict will want to know what treatment will entail. It typically includes the following methods:

  • Detox in a comfortable facility with medical supervision
  • Mental health care for any co-occurring mood disorder or emotional problem
  • Behavioral therapies that improve outlook, attitude and decision making
  • Learn to recognize and avoid personal drug-use triggers and stumbling blocks
  • Optional holistic activities like yoga, acupuncture, exercise and massage
  • Group therapy as part of treatment and post-rehab aftercare

Rehab centers can also help family and friends with aftercare, which often includes preparing the home for a new, sober lifestyle.

Drug Addiction Helpline

Do you need help staging an intervention or dealing with Ritalin abuse? Call our 24 hour addiction helpline to speak with a counselor about intervention tips, treatment options and rehab facility locations. We can also provide printed materials and check health insurance policies for coverage. The call is toll free, so get the help you need today.