Treatment for Underlying Causes of Ritalin Addiction

Ritalin addiction is becoming increasingly common as the drug itself is being prescribed more frequently to individuals struggling with ADHD. It works by increasing the amount of dopamine in the brain and creating greater focus and alertness. While Ritalin can be an effective treatment, it is also addictive and often abused. While addiction to Ritalin has physical elements, it is rarely just a physical phenomenon. Addiction is almost always rooted in underlying causes. In order for rehab treatment to be successful, it must uncover these issues and solve them alongside treatment for the physical addiction.

How Does Ritalin Addiction Begin?

Ritalin poses little threat of addiction when taken in small doses exactly as prescribed. However, it is often abused for its non-medical effects. It can create a feeling of euphoria when taken in larger than normal doses especially for those taking it without a medical reason. Some people will begin to abuse Ritalin for these feelings of euphoria and as a means of escape. Others abuse Ritalin for its stimulant properties. It can aid a person in losing weight and suppress his or her appetite. It can help students stay awake and focus longer than normally would be possible. Even these surface reasons can have underlying causes and are simply manifestations of root issues and unhealthy thought patterns. Professional counseling and therapy found through rehab will be needed in order to fully understand and treat these issues.

Ritalin Addiction and Mental Health Issues

A common cause of Ritalin addiction is an underlying mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. People who struggle with mental health concerns such as these are at a far greater risk of addiction than those who do not, and there is a high number of individuals who are dealing with both addiction and a mental health issue. In order for the individual to recover fully, both issues must be treated simultaneously by the same team of clinicians through integrated treatment or Dual Diagnosis treatment. Regardless of whether or not the mental health issue was previously diagnosed, the two issues need to be treated in an integrated manner in order for a full recovery to occur. Focusing on just one of the issues will not cause the other to go away. Effective treatment not only treats the known underlying causes of Ritalin addiction but also uncovers the unknown one and seeks to find solutions or tools to deal with them. Finding the right program of treatment is crucial to recovery.

Do You Need Ritalin Treatment Help?

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