Ways that Ritalin Can Cause Impaired Judgment

Ways that ritalin can cause impaired judgment

No matter how many times you abuse a drug, or how accustomed you are to its effects, you impair your judgment every time you use a foreign substance. While some drugs have visible, drastic effects, others, like Ritalin, may seem to affect users less than other drugs do. However, while this drug changes a user’s behavior in subtler ways than other substances, it still changes how a user thinks, which means it impairs judgment. No matter how clearly you seem to think while you are on Ritalin, it still causes you to make decisions, meaning it influences your judgment. Seek help to quit abusing this powerful drug.

Ritalin Causes Users to Take Risks

When people take this drug, they tend to notice that their confidence improves. Ritalin users may feel on top of the world when under the influence of this drug, and the resulting feelings of invincibility can encourage dangerous behavior, such as driving under the influence. Dangerous, drug-induced acts can lead to severe consequences, like death. Just because you feel confident on Ritalin does not mean that you are thinking logically; in other words, when people take this drug, they may think that dangerous activities are safe, but only due to their perception, not reality. The euphoria from Ritalin abuse is artificial, and it can lead users to act in ways they would otherwise avoid.

Dangers of Ritalin and Alcohol

Another way Ritalin can cloud judgment is when it comes to alcohol. Because Ritalin is a stimulant, users may not realize how intoxicated they actually are if they also abuse alcohol or other substances at the same time. This drug may mask the effects of alcohol to an extent, but users can still be as drunk as they ever have been. It does not negate the effects of alcohol, it just causes users to think they feel normal, so they believe they can drink more safely. Lastly, drinking while under the influence of Ritalin can cause users to drink more than they mean to, which can lead to alcohol poisoning or other problems associated with binge drinking. Seek help to quit abusing this powerful stimulant.

Help for Ritalin Abuse

If you have developed a Ritalin abuse habit, then call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about Ritalin, addiction and treatment. They can help you find the treatment you need, and they will let you know if your health insurance will help pay for rehab. Call now for instant, professional support.