Why Is It Common for Someone to Abuse More than One Drug?

Why Is It Common for Someone to Abuse More than One Drug?

Abusing more than one drug is common among drug users. An addicted user may even take multiple drugs simultaneously. Oftentimes, users take multiple drugs in order to intensify the experience of being high. One drug may be used primarily, while other substances are added for their synergistic effects. In other cases, however, multiple drugs are used to lessen the effects of intoxication. After experiencing the particularly strong or unpleasant effects of a drug, an individual may use another drug to counteract these effects. For example after taking a stimulant, if an individual is having a difficult time calming down, he or she may use a benzodiazepine, a type of drug with sedative effects. Using two or more mind-altering substances in order to achieve a certain effect is known as poly-drug use.

Drug users do not always abuse multiple drugs in search of a particular effect, however. Addiction is not rooted in the desire for drug use. Rather, the root of addiction is usually related to circumstances such as deeply felt emotional pain or an ongoing mental health disorder. Individuals who are seeking emotional or mental relief may not necessarily desire a specific drug, and as a result, they may use whatever substances are most readily available to them.

Risks of Abusing Multiple Substances

One of the most prominent risks of abusing multiple substances is the possibility of a potentially harmful drug interaction. In a clinical setting, the use of mind-altering substances is closely monitored, and patients are advised as to what medications they can and cannot use in conjunction with their prescriptions. Doctors are aware of potential interactions and know how to advise their patients. However, individuals who are abusing drugs do not have the knowledge or the training necessary to know what dosage amounts are safe and what combinations of substances may prove dangerous. As a result, individuals who abuse multiple drugs are at a high risk of suffering negative physical responses.

Treatment for the Abuse of Multiple Drugs

A drug rehab program can help an individual recover from addiction and stop engaging in poly-drug abuse. Drug rehab provides the tools that can help an individual discover the root cause of his drug use. After discovering why he turned to drug use in the first place, the patient can learn healthier ways to cope with life’s challenges. Drug rehab provides individual and group counseling, holistic therapies, and access to resources that promote overall wellness.

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