Why Won’t My Son or Daughter Stop Using Ritalin on Their Own?

Why Won't My Son or Daughter Stop Using Ritalin on Their Own?

Some parents are lucky enough to never have to see their children struggle with drug abuse and addiction, but many parents are subjected to the pain and worry that come with a child’s Ritalin addiction.

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, he or she may be prescribed Ritalin. Taking the drug more often than prescribed or at higher doses can lead to addiction. If your child does not have a prescription for the drug, he or she may try it out of curiosity. Either way, watching your child struggle with Ritalin addiction can be extremely frustrating.

Understanding Ritalin Addiction

As a parent, you need to understand why your child has developed a Ritalin addiction so that you can combat the root of the problem. There are numerous reasons as to why someone can become addicted to this stimulant.

For many, Ritalin is seen as the A+ drug because it helps students of all ages to focus on their studies and receive better grades. It is also used to help individuals get more done in a home or work setting. Your child may have been drawn to the drug for the purpose of doing better in school or becoming more efficient at work. Avoidance can also be a reason for Ritalin abuse. If your child has experienced trauma or has untreated personal issues or disorders, Ritalin can allow your child to avoid these issues entirely.

How Parents Can Help Stop Ritalin Addiction

Being a parent presents many challenges. Helping your child end his or her Ritalin addiction may be one of those challenges. You can help your child by doing the following:

  • Provide a rock bottom. Many users continue to use drugs because they experience few to no consequences. Do not enable your child’s drug addiction by providing assistance or helping your child deal with the consequences of addiction.
  • Express yourself. Bring your immediate family members together to talk to your child about how his or her drug use has affected you negatively. Provide examples of how your relationship will change if your child does not seek treatment.

You can also enlist the support of an interventionist to help you and your child resolve any issues that might be causing the Ritalin addiction. Confronting your child’s drug abuse is the best way to get your child to consider treatment.

Ritalin Addiction Treatment

If your child is struggling with Ritalin addiction, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. Our trained counselors can answer your questions, help you understand your child’s addiction and explain the options for addiction treatment. Call now.